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Meaningful Brands™ 2024
Special report – US diversity
of the US population is diverse today
And in 10 years, demographics show that it will pass 50%, making the US one of the most diverse nations in the world

In a decade’s time, half of the US population will be diverse

What does this mean for brands? Even in an era of hyper-targeting, diverse audiences often find themselves overlooked. Without an understanding of these consumers, communications fall flat or miss the mark completely.

The crux for brands to remain or become meaningful to these audiences lies in understanding these diverse consumers, microcommunities, and their behaviors. And it will pay off. Brands that champion diversity authentically resonate most profoundly.

of the diverse audience believe brands should prioritize satisfying individual needs before taking on a wider role in society
And brands that can foster connections within communities and “help people connect with others” overindex compared to the non-Hispanic whites segment
of diverse consumers wouldn’t care if most brands disappeared tomorrow
Brands need to immerse themselves into the richness of audience cultural differences. Otherwise, communications fall flat
of the diverse cohorts have a optimistic view of the world
Compared to 36% of non-Hispanic whites. With the younger segments (18–35) driving this positive take on the future and reaching 52%
say they are personally affected by one or more crises
That’s a higher proportion compared to non-Hispanic whites, where only 3 in 10 express a similar sentiment
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