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Meaningful Brands™
2023 Global report
of people are tired of brands pretending they want to help society when they just want to make money
Brands must act now in the good of the society and planet – communication is not enough

Our Global 2023 Meaningful Brands™ report sees the rise of the “Me-conomy”

The report’s findings demonstrate that while brands’ actions to drive societal progress, inclusion and sustainable behaviors have become more important and expected, people are examining everything through the lens of “me” in the face of more challenging and uncertain times.

In the “Me-conomy,” brands need to act decisively to drive social change and progress, but they’re also expected to provide everyday joy, support mental well-being, make life easier, offer affordable indulgences and more. And brands’ good works, while expected, are no longer to be lauded as heroism. In today’s “Me-conomy,” consumers want brands to help them lead as participants and activists in driving social change.

feel the world is going in the wrong direction, at a global level
The climate crisis is now acknowledged globally as the most important issue we face
people think we are living in an environmental crisis, at a global level
People are feeling the effects of crisis in their daily lives
of people would stop buying from companies that don’t respect the planet or society
Now more than ever, companies and brands are expected to show commitment to their customers
Today’s most Meaningful Brands™ perform +57% better on delivering PERSONAL benefits, compared to the average brand
Top rated Meaningful Brands™ are not just good for the world, but also have stronger bottom lines. They outperform the stock market by 222%
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