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of brands could disappear and people would not care

Most brands are just not measuring up. Yet, some brands have unlocked how to be meaningful – and are significantly outperforming the market on all measures
now also believe brands should be improving their personal health and well-being
AND…73% believe brands must act now in the good of the society and planet – communication is not enough
of people think the world is going in the wrong direction, at a global level
The climate crisis is now acknowledged globally as the most important issue we face
2 in 5
respondents believe ‘the only way to improve our agency relationships is to put the business up for pitch’
For many, it’s easier to start again than to fix it. It’s time to (re)build a more meaningful relationship between clients and their agency partners
of consumers expect brands to show support to people in times of crisis
There are opportunities to forge meaningful connections across personal benefits; namely, to decrease life’s stressors
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